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A new beginning

I have spent the past 5 years as a midwife. I loved it. I love it. When it’s time for a big change in your life and you’re not sure where to go, it’s time to soul search and find what you’re really passionate about. Again. Now that I have closed down my midwifery practice (with a few exceptions…) I am ready to start a new journey. This is it. Good eating, healthy eating, gardening, farming, caring for my family the best I can. It’s time to get back to nature! And I’m loving it. This is the beginning of The Paleo Homesteader. I am very excited and welcome everyone to join me on this crazy adventure! There will be recipes, how-to’s, paleo-ize this!, some not-so-paleo, great food, good pictures, and probably a few failures… uhh… hiccups?

Whatever this is… LET’S DO IT!

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I'm a mom of 3 girls. I love cooking healthy meals, gardening, and traveling! I run The Oily Empire Podcast and website. I am a Young Living Silver Leader. I am here to share Food Family and Life with you! 💕


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