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Rock Your World

I decided to write a personal post. Something I am passionate about. A reason I love Paleo.

I lathered my hair in coconut oil this morning because my scalp was getting dry. You see – I only use baking soda or raw honey as shampoo and my scalp can get dry after a while so I will lather up my scalp and hair with coconut oil and leave it on all day. After that – shiny smooth hair – for at least a month! Back to my reason for telling you all of this… I decided to take a shower tonight to rinse out some of the coconut oil from my hair so I didn’t get my bed all greasy.

When I took off all my clothes I looked in the mirror. My first thought? “Dang. I look good.” Ok, I didn’t say dang. But not everyone needs to know how bad my potty mouth is. 😉

I don’t just look slim, but I’m starting to look strong.

Let me back up a second. I’ll fill you in on my back story. I didn’t always think this way and I don’t always think this way even now. I happened to have one of those moments. I have things about myself I don’t like. I have stretch marks all over the place from having kids. I’m human. I had insecurities galore in high school, I come from a family with a history of eating disorders, my mom used to model when I was younger. So much information coming at me (like everyone else in the world) about how society thought and thinks we should be.

And then I had kids of my own. And then nutrition became important. And then fitness became important. Not because I wanted to be skinny. But because I wanted to be strong. And I wanted my kids to SEE me be strong. I wanted my kids to see me healthy because it was important! And then something miraculous happened. I wanted to be strong and healthy. Not for my kids, not for anyone else but for me. Because I’m telling you – if you’re going to do something that will change your world and ROCK your world – you have to do it because it is what YOU WANT. You change your world. You make your world. ROCK YOUR WORLD.

heartSo go into your bathroom. Look in your mirror. And tell yourself “DANG – I LOOK GOOD” Out loud. It’s ok if you don’t mean it. Awesome if you do. Say it. Again. And again. And again. Day after day.

Our minds can be a very valuable tool or an incredible weapon.

I am four years Paleo and coming into my own. You can do this!


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I'm a mom of 3 girls. I love cooking healthy meals, gardening, and traveling! I run The Oily Empire Podcast and website. I am a Young Living Silver Leader. I am here to share Food Family and Life with you! 💕

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