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Simple Raw Juice

My 4 year old had a fever of 102* all day yesterday so we spent the day lounging around and taking naps. When she woke up this morning she felt much better but I still felt we could use a little extra nutrition today. So I decided to dust off my juicer and make some fresh juice with ingredients we typically have on hand on a daily basis.

I make juice almost every day during the summer but during the winter, for some reason, I forget – a lot. Which seems completely counter-intuitive considering winter is probably the time we need the extra nutrients the most!

So I used these:

  • One apple
  • One pear
  • 2 large leaves of kale
  • 10 various sized carrots. A few of them were pretty small. 5 large carrots would probably be the equivalent.

photo (2)

I juice the carrots whole. Place one kale leaf in the juicer and place the apple on top of the kale leaf – juice. Place the second kale leaf in the juicer and place the pear on top – juice. I have found that putting something on top of greens to juice them, produces more juice from the greens! Once done – pour over some ice!

photo (1)


My 4 year old decided she didn’t want juice today so I poured a cup of this juice in the blender with a cup of frozen blueberries and a cup of goat yogurt and blended up a smoothie for her!

And finally… save the pulp! I’ve mixed the pulp into paleo muffins and the pulp tastes amazing in my meatloaf recipe!


If you’re not going to use the pulp right away – just save and freeze!


Did I say juice pulp in meatloaf??? Oh yes I did…..


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