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Curing Eczema by “Going Paleo”

If you’ve read our “About” page, you already know that one of the main reasons I found Paleo to begin with was researching a way to cure my 4 year old’s eczema – when she was 1 year old.

All of the research I did told me that eczema was the body reacting to an allergy. Most likely, a food allergy. The most common culprits were eggs, dairy or gluten. It could even be a combination of those things.

The first thing we tried was to cut out eggs and dairy. Dairy was an easy one to cut out since my husband is lactose intolerant, we didn’t eat much of it anyway. This didn’t work for us. We saw no results. Our poor baby still had splotches on her arms and was noticeably itchy. My husband and I both did our own research and came to the same conclusion… Paleo.

We talked about it and decided the only way it was going to work was to go 100%. We had to follow the minimum 30 day 100% paleo detox. We got a box and raided our pantry and fridge. We threw out everything that was not paleo approved. All pasta, all flour, all unrefined sugar, all non-paleo snacks, all junk – all of it. We went grocery shopping and stocked up on fresh veggies and fruit, purchased coconut oil (for the first time!), coconut flour, and almond flour.

Now, I thought I had a good diet before going paleo. We ate lots of fresh produce and good quality meats already. But it was amazing the results we saw after the first week. All of us felt better and our daughters eczema was already about 75% gone! After the first 30 days, we reintroduced goat yogurt and goat cheese in small amounts. And the results were still the same. Everyone felt great and my daughters eczema had vanished.

Over the years I have noticed that when other people would babysit her and feed her foods containing gluten – she would start to itch the insides of her arms, where she originally had the eczema. So we have to pay close attention and make sure she does not eat foods containing gluten. We try to stay pretty “hard-core” paleo over here. Now, that doesn’t mean we never “cheat”. We will have the occasional gluten free tortilla chips or gluten free treats. We might even order pizza once in a while. But I know that when we do eat something like that – we have to be very paleo for the following weeks to make sure that my daughters eczema does not come back. It’s a fine balance of making sure everyone stays healthy and doesn’t feel like they are always being told “no”. Because sometimes – treats are awesome – even if they’re not paleo.

Paleo has worked great for us – as a guideline for keeping allergens out of our diet and for, well… feeling awesome!

I’m sure most of you have heard of the paleo 80/20 “rule”. 80% paleo 20% whatever of your diet. We are probably 90/10. And that works for us.

Another thing the “average” diet is most likely severely lacking are healthy fats. One thing that helps eczema a lot is keeping your skin hydrated. Does that mean keeping lotion/coconut oil/etc on the skin? Sure. But this also means hydrating from within. Our bodies need fat. Part of the paleo way of eating is eliminating “low-fat” “fat-free” from your diet. Those are poison! Seriously. Hydrate your body with plenty of healthy fats! Grassfed butter, coconut oil, avocados, nuts, grassfed fatty meat, grassfed organ meats, etc.




This. Think this. Every time.

There are many other paleo bloggers that have seen the same results we have and have written their own posts about it. I took the time to find them for you so you can read even more!

This is why I have said Paleo is healing! Because… it is!



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    “chemical shit storm” LOL. Thank you for the links. It’s nice to read that others have had the same success with curing eczema. Anytime I tell someone (even my doctors) that cutting out gluten has helped immensely, I am told that I must have made a mistake, or no, it’s got to be something else. Sigh.

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