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The Paleo Grocery Bill

I have heard a lot of discussion about how much people spend on groceries a month and some of the numbers I have heard are… staggering. I certainly wouldn’t be able to afford to eat paleo if my grocery bill matched some others! I thought I’d break my grocery bill down for you to give you an idea of how I do it!

We are a family of 2 adults and 2 children ages 4 and 18 months.

First the meat… Every year we set aside money to buy a cow share. This means that we get a grassfed cow butchered from a local rancher. After the butcher fees this equals out to about $2,500. STICKER SHOCK! I know, I know… But let’s break it down. $2,500/12 = $208.33/month. A whole cow lasts us just about the perfect 12 months and we get a TON of amazing ground beef, steaks, roasts, ribs, bones for broth and even bones for the dog! Now tell me that’s not a screamin deal!


We buy 15 dozen eggs a month at $3.50/dozen from Grow International, plenty enough to eat and even do some paleo baking (because let’s face it – paleo baking requires a lot of eggs!) Total for eggs: $52.50/month


Chicken – we’ve gotten whole chickens from Grow International for $14/each. We have bought bags of frozen chicken thighs and chicken breasts from Trader Joes for about $6.99/bag. We have bought frozen chicken thighs and breasts from costco for around $20/bag. And we have bought chicken from Zaycon Foods which is about $76/40 lbs. On average, I would say we spend about $50 on chicken a month.

Veggies and Fruit:

We order a “Juicer Bin” from Organics to You which is an awesome service in our area that delivers organic produce right to your door! (and they have pretty delicious bacon too…) The Juicer Bin contains a ton of carrots, celery, greens, apples, pears, oranges, grapefruit usually a few lemons or limes, some beets, ginger, garlic, even bananas and avocados! During the summer there are even strawberries, blueberries and grapes in there. We don’t actually juice most of these, we just eat them! We usually focus on eating as much of it as possible and then start to juice some towards the end of the week because we know the next box is coming and we need to eat what we have! This bin is $33/week. $33×4 = $132/month

photo (27)

Fruit from our Juicer Bin

photo (28)

Veggies from our Juicer Bin

We also go shopping at Costco, Trader Joes and Whole Foods once every 2 weeks. We get things like organic frozen peas, toilet paper, bacon, organic apples, organic sweet potatoes and goat cheese at Costco. We get chicken, nuts, extra fruit and veggies that didn’t come in the bin and … wine at Trader Joes. And then we get things like goat yogurt, grassfed butter, and coffee beans at Whole Foods. We spend an average of about $200 every 2 weeks at these stores – collectively. So $400/month.

So let’s add this up – $208 beef, $50 chicken, $52.50 eggs, $132 Juicer Bin, $400 produce/extras = $842.50/month. Except the beef… we don’t really set that money aside like that every month. We set money aside when we have extra and set money aside when we get taxes back, it’s kind of a random gathering but it always works out! So if you minus the beef that we buy once a year the total is $634.50/month which feels like what I normally spend on groceries.

How do you buy your groceries?



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    We are a family of two adults and one 2.5 yr old. I try to purchase most of my veggies every 2-3 weeks from Costco as well as things like pork roasts, coconut oil, coconut milk, eggs and fruit. I probably spend around $150/month at Costco. I supplement throughout the weeks with veggies (and avocados) from Sprouts (it’s kind of in-between Whole Foods and Trader Joes), and I also tend to buy most of my chicken and baking ingredients like coconut flour, arrowroot powder, kombucha, from Sprouts as well. I probably spend another $100/month at Sprouts. Then from Trader Joes I buy my grassfed butter, sausages, coffee milk and spices, which is another $60/month. Add in there another $60-80 for stuff for my husband, since he doesn’t eat Paleo, and I average $370 or $400/month on groceries. We are on a tight budget so I don’t purchase as much grass fed or pastured meats as I’d like to. But I focus on getting lean(er) cuts of meat or cut off much of the fat off roasts that are not grass fed, and making sure we get enough other healthy fats in our diet.

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