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How to Make Your Own Butter

There’s always a few culinary things that make me nervous. That make me think – as soon as I try this – I am going to destroy it completely and it is never going to work. So I think about it and think about it… and think about it. And… I’ll do it… eventually.

Sound familiar? …. no? Ok, maybe you’re just more awesome than me. I can live with that.

But I do this! Psyching myself out about things before actually attempting them. Making my own butter was one of these times. I didn’t think it was something that would actually work for me. There wasn’t a real reason for me to believe this. I had just convinced myself that it wasn’t going to work.

Then the day came when I was gifted a pint of raw cream from a local farm. An amazing gift… that I had no idea what to do with. I know other paleo/primal people eat raw cow dairy but I haven’t. We eat goat cheese and goat yogurt once in a while and have used raw goat milk to make our own yogurt before but haven’t used cow dairy in years.

What to do… what to do. Of course I tasted it. Wow – huge taste difference from the milk and cream I remember from my childhood. This actually tasted decadent and good! Ok, now that I took my taste test… what to do… what to do……… BUTTER.

I googled it, of course. I found this amazing blog post from The History Kitchen HERE.

I pulled out my kitchenaid. I have this one HERE. This makes it SO EASY. Yes, you heard that right! Making your own butter is EASY!

I poured the pint of cream into my kitchenaid bowl and set it to whisk. I walked away for 10 minutes and let it do it’s magic. After 10 minutes it was a thicker whipped cream – starting to clump a tiny tiny bit. I let it continue to whisk for 10 more (22)

By this time, I was starting to get worried. Mine looked nothing like The History Kitchens pictures of the yellow butter stuck to their whisk. And they recommended 10-15 minutes and it had already been 20 minutes! SEE – I KNEW I’D RUIN IT! AHHHHH!

After my split second pity party, I pulled out my cheesecloth. I scooped out the thicker/top portion of the cream from the kitchenaid bowl and left the watery whey behind. I poured the thicker cream into the cheesecloth and squeezed… and……. BUTTER! I did it!

photo (23)

I decided not to add any salt or other flavors to it. I mean… common… helllloooooo bullet proof coffee!

I just saved it in a jar. Yum. And used it. Yum. Try it! It really is easy!photo (24)-Tarrin


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