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Wake Up Peppermint Shower Spray


I’m not a morning person. I’ve tried for years. And years. … And years. I just don’t like waking up in the morning and feeling like I’m automatically in a time crunch. I’d rather wake up slowly and lounge around, slowly sip my coffee and then maybe I’ll be ready to say good morning to my kids.

Oh wait… yeah. I have kids. A slow wake up process is just not possible, not matter how early I set my alarm!

Enter… essential oils! Such an easy thing to incorporate into my mornings. It helps to wake me up faster which means I’m ready to start moving and getting things done faster too! Even when I don’t have time to shower (I mean, com’mon… do you really need to shower every day? The answer is no. No really – check it out!) I just spritz this into the air around me, into my hair, or even just grabbing my Peppermint bottle and taking a few sniffs as I get ready real quick.

If you do have time to shower (you lucky duck, you) then whip this up! It takes seconds and you can thank me later. Just get a little glass spray bottle, like this one, add a few drops Peppermint essential oil and BAM! Instant wake up spray!


You can even add a few drops of Lemon and Rosemary for extra wake up oomph! All you have to do is shake the spray bottle a few times and spray directly into the shower. Spray it all over and hop in! Enjoy your regular shower and be amazed at how much more AWAKE you feel!


~ Tarrin Fletcher


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