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August Back to School Promo is here!

Young Living released their promo for August and it is AAAAMAZING! Nearly everything you need to get ready for back to school. Even though it still feels like summer… school isn’t very far away! Get ready for it – and here’s how you can!


When you order 190pv from Young Living in August, you will receive for FREE – 15ml bottle of Lime (one of my absolute favs for calming the kiddos! Just drop a few drops into the diffuser and wait for it to do it’s magic) and a 5ml of Bergamot Vitality! If you’re on Essential Rewards (and you should be – I mean, common – free stuff all.the.time! %back on every order!) then you will also get a free 15ml bottle of the blend Clarity. Perfect for kids and parents once all that homework starts pouring in.


When you order 250pv from Young Living (remember, all in one order to get the freebies!) then you will receive the Lime, Bergamot and Clarity PLUS a 3 pack of the Thieves waterless hand purifier. I don’t know about you but these little bottles are PERFECT for purses, bags and backpacks! They are a great/safe version of a hand purifier and they smell fantastic!


I know this can’t only be my kids…..

And here comes the big guns!!!! When you make a 300pv order with Young Living, you not only get everything above but you also get a roller of DEEP RELIEF and a roller of BREATHE AGAIN!!!!

ok ok… I’m a little excited about this! And if you’ve tried these rollers for yourself, you know exactly why! They are amazing and work wonders!!!




NOW who’s ready for back to school?!?!

Oh wait…. it gets even better! Young Living is doing a special promotion this month. Anyone who gets their Premium Starter Kit also gets a free 15ml bottle of Cedarwood! AND anyone who helps 5 of their friends or family join Young Living with a Premium Starter Kit will also automatically get a free VivoSmart Tracker!! You get $50 from Young Living for every friend you help join the oily lifestyle with a PSK! If you got 5 this month, you would get the free VivoSmart Tracker AND it would almost pay for your entire 300pv order to snag allllll the freebies! #AugustisAWESOME! Perfect time to join Young Living and get oily before all the kids go back to school!

If you need to get your Premium Starter Kit just hop on over to OUR TEAM page and follow the link you choose. We can help you, if you need! Don’t be afraid to email us with any questions you might have!


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