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Paleo 2 Ingredient Coconut Butter Tea Cookies


These little beauties are soooo easy to make!

Servings – Makes approximately 20 cookies


  • 6 cups unsweetened shredded coconut / coconut flakes
  • 2 tbsp raw honey

Optional – Raw Honey Chocolate Drizzle

  • 3 tbsp raw honey
  • 1 tbsp cocao


First, you need to turn the shredded coconut into coconut butter. Coconut butter is blended coconut flakes until it releases its oils and turns into a smooth consistency sorta like any other nut butter.

You will need a food processor or blender to do this. I have a Blendtec. It’s awesome! If you want to get one, you can find one HERE. You want to get the one that includes the twister jar, that is the blender jar that makes this recipe so incredibly easy to make. But don’t worry, if you don’t have a Blendtec, this recipe is still easy to make, you will just have to pause periodically to scrape the sides of the blender or food processor to make sure everything gets blended together.

Image-1 (9)

I buy shredded coconut in bulk

Get your 6 cups of shredded coconut. I blended mine in 3 stages. Add 2 cups shredded coconut to your blender or food processor and blend. Add 2 more cups and blend. Add the last 2 cups and blend together until smooth. It will be smooth but slightly crumbly when you go to scoop it out of your blender/processor.

All blended together

All blended together

Add in the 2 tbsp raw honey and blend again or mix well.

Preheat your oven to 375*

Scoop out one tbsp of coconut butter and place on a parchment or foil lined cookie sheet. Press gently down on the scoop of coconut butter to slightly flatten. These cookies will not rise. The shape you have them on the cookie sheet is the shape and size they will be once cooked. Do this for all the coconut butter you’ve made. It will make approximately 20 cookies. I made 22 cookies.


Bake for about 6 minutes. Seriously. Keep a close eye on them. As soon as you see a nice golden color, take them out of the oven.

Now don’t touch them! You have to let them cool completely or they will crumble.

While you’re waiting for them to cool, you can make the Raw Honey Chocolate Drizzle.

Instructions for Raw Honey Chocolate Drizzle:


Warm up 3 tbsp raw honey in a small pot on the stove over medium heat. Once it is soft, mix in 1 tbsp cocao. Mix well.

Hey… look at that… Done.

If you want to simply drizzle this over the cookies, this will be more than enough chocolate drizzle. HOWEVER, If you want to dunk them and coat them in this, you should double the Raw Honey Chocolate Drizzle recipe. When this cools, it becomes a caramel consistency thanks to the honey. These tea cookies are delicious completely covered in this honey chocolate amazingness.


So go ahead, drizzle or cover your tea cookies. I did this when the tea cookies were still slightly warm since it is so fast to throw together. Then place the cookies, on the cookie sheet, into the fridge to cool completely. This should only take a few minutes. Once cooled, you can carefully transfer the cookies to a plate to serve.

These tea cookies are a little on the dry side. But that’s ok because the flavor is top notch, especially when paired with your favorite cup of tea. Tea party time!



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