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The Scooter Culture is Real

Have you ever tried boba tea? You know, the tea with those little chewy balls of squishiness at the bottom? I promise it tastes way better than my description. Ha!

Well, it’s everywhere here. It was invented here. No joke. Taiwan is the birth place of boba tea.


The point of me telling you all of this… is that boba tea comes with the sealed lid in the States. So if you’ve tried boba tea, you’ve seen the sealed top instead of the press on lids.


sealed lid

Like this. Then you have to poke the straw through the lid to drink it. It’s not just boba tea here. It’s all drinks. Tea, coffee, juice, water, you name it. It comes sealed and ready to ride. Because scooters.


my husbands new scooter

They’re everywhere here. They’re a lot cheaper than cars and really inexpensive to maintain and repair so your scooter can last a really long time with minimum expense. So they’re popular! This is where the scooter culture comes in. Products are created and marketed to be carried on a scooter. This is why all of the lids are sealed here! The seat on the scooters lift up and there’s storage space there. Everyone buys their food and drinks and then stashes them in the compartment until they get home.


I’ve seen 4 or 5 people to a scooter before! Don’t worry… we’re not going to do that! I mean… I know how we could. haha. … but we won’t!


They have helmets of all kinds here. We let the kids pick out their own. Hello Kitty, of course. The kids are adapting so well and easily to this very different lifestyle! They pick up on Chinese words, they love the endless amounts of tea, they love riding on the scooter! They also love that everyone here seems to want to give them candy because they’re just so stinkin cute. I’ve started taking the candy and stashing it because…. nope. I can’t let my kids eat candy every day. I just can’t.


shoulder ride with tea

Thankfully they have a lot of other healthy options here! Fresh fruits and veggies are available everywhere. Seriously – just walk down the street. They have juicing stands all over the place. Fresh juice and I can take it on a scooter with me?! Yes, please.


fresh carrot apple juice

I’m going to be getting my own scooter next month so all of us can wander further away from home without having to take a taxi everywhere! I can’t wait! And yes, that means all 5 of us on 2 scooters. It works. Don’t worry so much, geeze. 😉


even the baby loves it


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  1. So Called Mom says

    Your adventure looks like a complete blast! Everyone looks so happy and full of life! I am so lucky to be able to watch this experience of yours. ❤

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