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Taipei Vacation!

Tuesday was Peace Day in Taiwan so my husband got a few extra days off work on the weekend! Because of that, we headed up to Taipei to wander around. When we flew into Taiwan originally, we were only in Taipei for a day while we rested and then took the train down to Tainan. So we wanted to go back to check it all out!


Taipei is much bigger than Tainan. While Tainan, where we live, is the oldest city in Taiwan and has nearly 2 million people who live there. Taipei has nearly 3 million people who live there and is quite a bit more modern. The transit is amazing there! Taipei has a lot more English speakers and English in general around, such as on the menus. But Tainan has more friendly people who are more willing to try and help you. Oh! and the weather in Tainan in typically waaay more sunny. So that right there means Tainan wins. 😉


Speaking of weather… we spent about 6 hours wandering around the Taipei zoo in the rain. Ugh. Rain. But they had pandas!!!


And koalas! Two animals I have never seen in person. I was just a little excited to stand and stare at these two.


After the zoo, we wandered through the night market. At the beginning of the night market was Snake Alley. We kept passing restaurants that had glass cages of snakes. SNAKES. I was totally weirded out. Why would you have snakes in a restaurant?! And not just one restaurant but FIVE. Want to know why they had snakes in cages? Because they were to EAT. Yeah, hence the name Snake Alley.


Poor snake.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m an adventurous person. I mean, we just moved to Taiwan! I would try snake if it was on my plate. But I have to draw the line at picking one out and then eating it. I just can’t. Sooo… we skipped that!


We did try bamboo juice though! It was surprisingly sweet and tasty. It was just weird enough that my 7 year old didn’t want much of it. But my 4 year old loved it! Wandering the night markets here are always an adventure. They’re busy and loud and full of food, clothes, gadgets and pretty much anything you could think of. It’s a lot of fun!


The next day we visited the Taipei 101 building. It’s one of the tallest buildings in the world. 101 stories tall. The observatory is on the 91st floor. Me and heights don’t always get along so I brought my Valor essential oil with me. Valor is the essential oil of courage and calm and lessening of occasional anxiety.


Check out that well loved bottle and the very very high view behind it. 😉  But honestly I felt fine the whole time. I used my Valor and had no problems wandering around looking at the view and landscape. It was beautiful!


city and forest


the kids loved it too!

We also went to the Hello Kitty Cafe, wandered around the city more, passed by several temples and shrines, and just enjoyed trying various food and drinks.

Thanks Taipei! See you again.