My name is Tarrin Fletcher.

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I am a mother of three awesome girls and am a huuge foodie (without the snobbery). I switched my family over to a paleo lifestyle right around the time my oldest daughter was one year old. As we started introducing foods into her diet, she started to develop eczema. As I researched more and more into eczema and how what we eat has a lot to do with skin disorders, I found the Paleo diet. I read everything I could find and a few months later, we dove in and made the switch!

I cleaned out the entire kitchen of anything non-paleo and scoured the internet for recipes. Within about a month, her eczema was gone. I was hooked.

I have a bachelors degree in Medical Anthropology and was a home birth midwife until 2013 when I stopped to spend more time with my growing family.

Over the years, my interest in nutrition and holistic living have only intensified. Along with paleo cooking, I have taken up organic gardening and now blogging! My dream is to someday have my own sustainable mini farm and paleo bed and breakfast. Welcome to the adventure!



  1. Crista Pedraza says

    OMGSH! Tarrin, don’t you just LOVE divine appointments cause I DO!!! WOOHOO CHICA!!!

  2. Chibichan says

    I’m so proud of you, Tarrin! You’re a beautiful mama, wife, and person. Keep it up! ❤

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