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10 #091 Treating Symptoms vs Supporting Systems Support your bodys systems! featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
11 #090 Immune Support with Thieves Thieves Essential Oil featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
12 #089 Spotlight on Abundance Decembers Promo and Abundance featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
13 #088 Platinum Retreat with Rama Pfeiffer All about the Young Living Platinum Retreat featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
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15 #086 Holiday DIY Gift Recipes Essential Oil DIY featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
16 #085 Spotlight on Stress Away Ingredients, Uses, and DIY Recipes! featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
17 #084 – Double Spotlight on Gratitude and Gathering Happy Thanksgiving everyone! featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
18 #083 Guest Interview with Barbara Engelhart Wellness Wedbesday with Young Living Silver Barbara Engelhart featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
19 #082 Slique in 60 Slique Products and Healthy Weight Management featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
20 #081 Slique and Healthy Weight Management Healthy Weight Management Goals featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
21 #080 Newborn Care with Essential Oils Essential Oils for Newborns featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
22 #079 – Essential Oils for Postpartum After you have a baby, what oils do you use? featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
23 #078 Guest Interview with Samantha Wright Wellness Wednesday Guest Interview featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
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25 #076 Essential Oils in Pregnancy Using essential oils while pregnant featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
26 #075 When Seasonal Discomfort is not so seasonal LLP for Seasonal Discomfort featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
27 #074 Spotlight on Hope Hope Essential Oil featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
28 #073 Interview with Crown Diamond Kari Lewis Crown Diamond Kari Lewis featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
29 #072 Essential Oil Chocolate Chocolessence Essential Oil Infused Chocolate featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
30 #071 Daylight Savings Energy Wake Up and Brain Support featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
31 #070 Are MLMs a Pyramid Scheme? Multi Level Marketing as a business featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
32 #069 Spotlight on Spearmint Spearmint Essential Oil featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
33 #068 AlkaLime and Body Ph Acidic vs Alkaline Body ph featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
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35 #066 Happy Halloween! Digestive Support for Halloween featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
36 #065 More Skin Care Products Lip Balm, Face Wash, Beauty Serum, oh my! featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
37 #064 Helichrysum and Rose Essential Oil Spotlight featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
38 #063 Essential Oils from a Guys Perspective Wellness Wednesday Interview featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
39 #062 Products for Skin Care Young Living Products for Skin Care featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
40 #061 Essential Oils for Skin Care Using Essential Oils for Skin Care featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
41 #060 Carrier Oils for Every Skin Type All about different carrier oils featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
42 #059 Essential Oil Spotlight on Copaiba All about Copaiba Essential Oil featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
43 #058 The Great Outdoors with Stephanie Williams Wellness Wednesday Interview featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
44 #057 Healthy Eating and Essential Oils Essential Oils to Support Healthy Diet featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
45 #056 Sleep and Fitness Sleep and Fitness and Essential Oils featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
46 #055 Spotlight on Juniper Essential Oil Spotlight on Juniper featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
47 #054 Essential Oils and Misinformation Misinformation about Essential Oils featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
48 #053 Guest Interview with Alana Weintraub Wellness Wednesday Guest Interview featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
49 #052 The Holiday Catalog is Here!!! yay! featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
50 #051 Overwhelmed? There’s an oil for that. Essential oils when you’re feeling overwhelmed. featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
51 #050 Quality Matters The quality of essential oils you choose featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
52 #049 Spotlight on Palo Santo Palo Santo Essential Oil featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
53 #048 Guest Interview with Emily Haven Wellness Wednesday Interview with Emily Haven featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
54 #047 Deodorant That Supports Your Immune System Using DIY Recipes to Support Wellness featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
55 #046 How to Get Free Oils Getting Free Oils with Young Living featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
56 #045 Using Essential Oils While You Sleep Ways to use essential oils while you’re sleeping featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
57 #044 Ways to Use Your Oils Every Night Incorporate Essential Oils Into Your Evenings featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
58 #043 Guest Interview with Alyssa Francis Royal Crown Diamond Alyssa Francis talk to us today featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
59 #042 Using Your Oils All Day How to use your oils throughout the day featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
60 #041 Your Oily Morning Routine Ideas to incorporate essential oils into your morning routine featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
61 #040 Essential Oils Don’t Work For You? Wait. What? I’ve heard this multiple times and my response is always whaaaaaa?! They WORK SO WELL. I’m going to talk you through reasons why essential oils might not be working for you and how to remedy that because I want your essential oils to work… featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
62 #039 Positive Thoughts How thinking positive and using your oils can lead to long term wellness featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
63 #038 Guest Interview with Rama Pfeiffer Young Living Silver Leader Rama Pfeiffer featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
64 #037 Why the PSK Rocks! The Premium Starter Kit is the way to go! featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
65 #036 Essential Oil Massage Oils Young Living Massage Oils featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
66 #035 Build Your Dream Build Your Dream Essential Oil Blend featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
67 #034 Reference Materials YOU Need! Essential Oil Reference Materials and Books featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
68 #033 Guest Interview with Genevieve Cruz Wellness Wednesday Guest Interview featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
69 #032 Spotlight on Panaway Panaway Essential Oil Blend featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
70 #031 Oola 7 Essential Oils A State of Awesomeness featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
71 #030 A Day in the Life of an Oiler What essential oils and products do I use every day?! featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
72 #029 Spotlight on Oregano! All about Oregano Essential Oil featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
73 #028 Guest Interview with Marsha Neill Wellness Wednesday Guest Interview with Henna Artist Marsha Neill featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
74 #027 Spotlight on Marjoram! All about Marjoram Essential Oil featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
75 #026 Part 2 of the Young Living Foundation The Young Living Foundation charity work featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
76 #025 Part 1 of the Young Living Foundation The Young Living Foundation Organization featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
77 #024 Essential Oils for your Pets! The Animal Scents Product Line featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
78 #023 Guest Interview with Crystal Stailey Wellness Wednesday Interview with Crystal Stailey featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
79 #022 Essential Oils for Stress Don’t stress out! Use essential oils! featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
80 #021 Laundry Detergent and DIY Thieves Laundry Detergent and why you need a good laundry soap! featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
81 #020 Thieves Oral Care Floss, and Toothpaste, and Mouthwash – oh my! featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
82 #019 Household Thieves Cleaner Young Living Household Thieves Cleaner featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
83 #018 Guest Interview with Kelli Fras Wellness Wednesday Guest Interview with Young Living Leader Kelli Fras featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
84 #017 Essential Oils to Support Focus Focusing with essential oils featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
85 #016 Essential Oils to Support the Immune System Supporting the Immune System with Essential Oils! featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
86 #015 Supplements to Support Mood Young Living has great supplements that can help support a healthy mood and uplift the emotions! featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
87 #014 Spotlight on Clarity Spotlight on the Essential Oil Blend – Clarity featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
88 #013 Guest Interview with Diamond Leader Becky Webb Interview with Young Living Diamond Becky Webb featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
89 #012 Essential Oils for Kids Essential Oils to support our kids’ emotions and why I chose Young Living featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
90 #011 Motivation with Essential Oils Getting you through your Monday with essential oils! featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
91 #010 All about Citrus Citrus essential oils are versatile and very helpful! featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
92 #009 Essential Oils and Stress Feeling stressed out?! There’s an oil for that! featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
93 #008 Guest Interview with Dr. Meghan Birt Dr. Meghan Birt, DC talks to us about wellness and gives some great oily tips! featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
94 #007 Why you should be drinking Ningxia Red Ningxia Red, Zyng, and Nitro – oh my! featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
95 #006 Essential oils to support fitness! Essential oils to support your fitness goals and recovery featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
96 #005 Healthy energy with EnRGee! What essential oils support good energy levels and what oils support healthy adrenals? featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
97 #004 Spotlight on Cedarwood! All about the essential oil Cedarwood. Uses, tips, and a little bit of science. featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
98 #003 Interview with Kate Doubler from Real Food RN Kate Doubler from Real Food RN talks about supporting body systems and gives some great essential oil tips! featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
99 #002 Guest interview with Nicole Graber Using essential oils as part of a healthy lifestyle featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
100 #001 Essential oils and a good nights rest! Getting the sleep you need is so important to overall wellness. Thankfully, there’s an essential oil for that! featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
101 featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
102 featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
103 featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751
104 featured-contetn-itunes-icon_2x1google_play1stitcher-logo-175x1751

Lemon Lavender EO Mimosa


Now that you’ve all ordered your Premium Starter Kit, you can make mimosas to celebrate! Just in case you haven’t gotten your oils yet, you can order them HERE and you can read all about why I recommend Young Living oils HERE.

I chose Lemon and Lavender, first of all because the flavor combo is AHMAZING! But also other reasons. I do my research. Come on.

Lemon Essential Oil is invigorating, great for digestion, and lifting mood.

Lavender Essential Oil is soothing, also great for lifting your mood and has historically been known as an aphrodisiac. Now where’s the *wiggle your eyebrows* button when you need one?

See what I mean though? Combo extraordinaire!  And then delicious. There’s that too.

I know alcohol is not paleo. This recipe is for a Lemon Lavender EO Simple Syrup. EO is short for Essential Oils. What you do with it after that is totally up to you. … I still recommend making mimosas. Because. Mimosas.


If you don’t want to make mimosas you can use the simple syrup to can various fruits. Any fruit that you can in a simple syrup, you can use this paleoized version and give it a whole new flavor profile with the lemon and lavender. While you’re at it… imagine all the possibilities! Mix this up, let any fruit soak in it over-night. Blueberries? Yum. Peaches? Delish. Pears? Yes. Plums? Of course. 

What are you waiting for?!

Right… the recipe.


Paleo Lemon Lavender Simple Syrup


  • 1/2 cup raw honey
  • 1 cup water
  • 3 drops Young Living Lemon Oil
  • 2 drops Young Living Lavender Oil
  • Champagne or Sparkling Wine (If you’re making mimosas!)



Pour your 1/2 cup raw honey into a bowl. Add your 3 drops lemon essential oil and 2 drops lavender essential oil into the honey and stir well!

Heat up your 1 cup water on the stove until hot but not boiling. You want it just warm enough to melt the honey but not hot enough to “kill” the benefits of the essential oils. Don’t worry, if that does happen, you won’t lose the FLAVOR! Mix the honey and essential oil mix into the water until melted. Let cool.

Now, if you’re making mimosas…..


Add 2-4 tbsp of your cooled Lemon Lavender Simple Syrup into a champagne flute then top with Sparkling Wine of choice! And ENJOY!


If you are making a simple syrup for fruit, do this instead:

Use 3 cups water, 1 cup honey and 3-4 drops lemon and 2-3 drops lavender and follow the above steps to make your simple syrup. Remember – less is more with Young Living essential oils. These babies are potent and strong. Just because your recipe is larger, does not mean you need a lot more essential oils.

Let me know if you try it!

Homeschooling and the Endless What-if’s

When we moved to Taiwan, I knew that I would have to homeschool my kids. I have a 7 year old, 4 year old and 2 year old. So we’re talking 1st grade and preschool.

I’ll be honest. The idea of homeschooling had me completely overwhelmed. The never-ending list of what if’s went through my mind on a daily basis. What if I couldn’t do it? What if I wasn’t good at it? What if they didn’t really learn anything? What if I ruined their entire education? What if I ruin them for high school? College? LIFE?! You know… a completely sane and rational list of what-if’s. 😉

Because of this list, I procrastinated. I put off planning. I made excuses and rationalized to myself why I didn’t have time. And then one day it hit me…


I wasn’t doing anyone any favors by simply not trying! So I buckled down, got over my own insecurities (ha! just kidding… but I can pretend right?!) and made a plan for the week. Read the books and set a date.


I felt much better after I wrote out a plan of action. A clear idea of things to do. Which is actually kind of strange for me. I’m not usually the planning type. I’m not a list maker or a planner user. But homeschooling was just overwhelming enough for me that actually sitting down to plan made me feel much better!

We bought the curriculum from Oak Meadow (I’m not being paid to tell you this, it just is what we bought) So far, they have pretty good explanations and processes lined out for you. Perfect for a beginner like me! They include reading, art, music, crafts, science, health, writing, you name it! And it’s customizable to what you are doing in your life. I chose to plan out 6 days a week which leaves me the flexibility of stopping early some days or skipping a day (or two) when we feel like it or are out on a little adventure. It’s also helped me to be more mindful in creating learning opportunities or even just choosing a more educational tv show when they get to watch a show.


School Books and a few oily stuff that came at the same time. So they’re all in the photo together!


School Supplies

I’ve been shocked at how much the kids love homeschooling so far. I mean, it very well could be a homeschooling honeymoon period but I have a feeling that it’s going to go well. Especially since we don’t have to follow a strict schedule and can take breaks when they start to feel overwhelmed.

Such as today, we were creating a calendar. It’s a great way to practice numbers, writing, and just learning the difference between days, weeks and years. My 4 year old wants to do everything the 7 year old does so we are making 2 calendars.

But it’s a big project for 7 and 4 year olds so I could tell they started to feel overwhelmed by it. We finished 2 months of it and drew out boxes for 4 more and then stopped. We can pick it back up tomorrow. The beauty of homeschool.


My 4 year olds calendar. She drew the numbers and “march” herself!

Just doing things like this shows me how smart they are. It’s pretty amazing!

On the first day of homeschooling, I was talking to my 7 year old, Taevia, about a story we had read the night before to practice memory recall. My 4 year old, Tahlia, automatically got overwhelmed and said she “couldn’t do it” and that she “didn’t want to do school”. I had to stop and explain the difference between 1st grade and preschool and that it was okay that she couldn’t do everything that Taevia could do. After a few minutes, she changed her mind and started coloring and being happy. Since then, I’ve been very mindful of communicating possible differences of what they could be doing. And even with all of that, she still wants to try to keep up with Taevia. But I’m letting her choose which things she’d like to work on. So like with all things in life, good communication is key!


Coloring and discussing a book we read


taking a puzzle break

I never imagined myself homeschooling. But if you had told me 2 years ago that we would move halfway around the world – I would have told you you were crazy about that too! Life is certainly interesting!

This adventure is just beginning and I can tell it’s going to be a lot of fun. It’s going to be challenging and frustrating, inspiring and rewarding.


reading her book

Whatever happens, I’m trying. And now that I’ve begun, I seriously doubt I’ll ruin their education for life, but don’t worry – I have plenty of time to find out. 😉

Do you homeschool?!

Taipei Vacation!

Tuesday was Peace Day in Taiwan so my husband got a few extra days off work on the weekend! Because of that, we headed up to Taipei to wander around. When we flew into Taiwan originally, we were only in Taipei for a day while we rested and then took the train down to Tainan. So we wanted to go back to check it all out!


Taipei is much bigger than Tainan. While Tainan, where we live, is the oldest city in Taiwan and has nearly 2 million people who live there. Taipei has nearly 3 million people who live there and is quite a bit more modern. The transit is amazing there! Taipei has a lot more English speakers and English in general around, such as on the menus. But Tainan has more friendly people who are more willing to try and help you. Oh! and the weather in Tainan in typically waaay more sunny. So that right there means Tainan wins. 😉


Speaking of weather… we spent about 6 hours wandering around the Taipei zoo in the rain. Ugh. Rain. But they had pandas!!!


And koalas! Two animals I have never seen in person. I was just a little excited to stand and stare at these two.


After the zoo, we wandered through the night market. At the beginning of the night market was Snake Alley. We kept passing restaurants that had glass cages of snakes. SNAKES. I was totally weirded out. Why would you have snakes in a restaurant?! And not just one restaurant but FIVE. Want to know why they had snakes in cages? Because they were to EAT. Yeah, hence the name Snake Alley.


Poor snake.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m an adventurous person. I mean, we just moved to Taiwan! I would try snake if it was on my plate. But I have to draw the line at picking one out and then eating it. I just can’t. Sooo… we skipped that!


We did try bamboo juice though! It was surprisingly sweet and tasty. It was just weird enough that my 7 year old didn’t want much of it. But my 4 year old loved it! Wandering the night markets here are always an adventure. They’re busy and loud and full of food, clothes, gadgets and pretty much anything you could think of. It’s a lot of fun!


The next day we visited the Taipei 101 building. It’s one of the tallest buildings in the world. 101 stories tall. The observatory is on the 91st floor. Me and heights don’t always get along so I brought my Valor essential oil with me. Valor is the essential oil of courage and calm and lessening of occasional anxiety.


Check out that well loved bottle and the very very high view behind it. 😉  But honestly I felt fine the whole time. I used my Valor and had no problems wandering around looking at the view and landscape. It was beautiful!


city and forest


the kids loved it too!

We also went to the Hello Kitty Cafe, wandered around the city more, passed by several temples and shrines, and just enjoyed trying various food and drinks.

Thanks Taipei! See you again.

The Scooter Culture is Real

Have you ever tried boba tea? You know, the tea with those little chewy balls of squishiness at the bottom? I promise it tastes way better than my description. Ha!

Well, it’s everywhere here. It was invented here. No joke. Taiwan is the birth place of boba tea.


The point of me telling you all of this… is that boba tea comes with the sealed lid in the States. So if you’ve tried boba tea, you’ve seen the sealed top instead of the press on lids.


sealed lid

Like this. Then you have to poke the straw through the lid to drink it. It’s not just boba tea here. It’s all drinks. Tea, coffee, juice, water, you name it. It comes sealed and ready to ride. Because scooters.


my husbands new scooter

They’re everywhere here. They’re a lot cheaper than cars and really inexpensive to maintain and repair so your scooter can last a really long time with minimum expense. So they’re popular! This is where the scooter culture comes in. Products are created and marketed to be carried on a scooter. This is why all of the lids are sealed here! The seat on the scooters lift up and there’s storage space there. Everyone buys their food and drinks and then stashes them in the compartment until they get home.


I’ve seen 4 or 5 people to a scooter before! Don’t worry… we’re not going to do that! I mean… I know how we could. haha. … but we won’t!


They have helmets of all kinds here. We let the kids pick out their own. Hello Kitty, of course. The kids are adapting so well and easily to this very different lifestyle! They pick up on Chinese words, they love the endless amounts of tea, they love riding on the scooter! They also love that everyone here seems to want to give them candy because they’re just so stinkin cute. I’ve started taking the candy and stashing it because…. nope. I can’t let my kids eat candy every day. I just can’t.


shoulder ride with tea

Thankfully they have a lot of other healthy options here! Fresh fruits and veggies are available everywhere. Seriously – just walk down the street. They have juicing stands all over the place. Fresh juice and I can take it on a scooter with me?! Yes, please.


fresh carrot apple juice

I’m going to be getting my own scooter next month so all of us can wander further away from home without having to take a taxi everywhere! I can’t wait! And yes, that means all 5 of us on 2 scooters. It works. Don’t worry so much, geeze. 😉


even the baby loves it

Welcome to Taiwan

We are now living in Taiwan! We’ve been here for a little more than a month and it’s been a whirlwind of experience.

The first week we were here, we got down from Taipei to Tainan where we are living. We found an amazing 3 bedroom, 2 bath apartment. My husband got thrown into his new teaching job the day after we moved into our new apartment and life took off!


My husband has been teaching, we’ve been traveling around and exploring any time he has time off work, the kids and I have been wandering around the city in our free time, and eating sooo much good food!

One of the main reasons we wanted to move half way across the world is to show our kids that you don’t have to be “stuck”. You don’t have to stay in a job that you don’t enjoy. You don’t have to stay stuck in paying rent and bills that are ever climbing higher. We wanted to show them that you could break that cycle in a huge way and live the life that you truly want!

Does that mean it’s easy? Ha! No. We are not fluent, or even conversational in Chinese. We are trying but there is a huge language barrier. It can be maddening and frustrating and all of those emotions in between. But we are trying. And we are learning. And that’s the most important part. We just won’t stop trying and learning and eventually we will be able to communicate better!


My goal is to blog here more often. To keep you all informed of our international antics and what life is like for us. Yeah, I’m going to be using this as my very public diary of sorts but also – if one thing I say ever encourages anyone to take one tiny step out of their comfort zone into living a life more along the lines of the life they dream of – Then it’s worth it.

So here we go…


3 of my top reasons for breaking the 9-5 cycle.


Night market down the street


Food. So much good food here. You’ll be seeing a lot of food!

Thanks for joining the fun friends.

Paleo 2 Ingredient Coconut Butter Tea Cookies


These little beauties are soooo easy to make!

Servings – Makes approximately 20 cookies


  • 6 cups unsweetened shredded coconut / coconut flakes
  • 2 tbsp raw honey

Optional – Raw Honey Chocolate Drizzle

  • 3 tbsp raw honey
  • 1 tbsp cocao


First, you need to turn the shredded coconut into coconut butter. Coconut butter is blended coconut flakes until it releases its oils and turns into a smooth consistency sorta like any other nut butter.

You will need a food processor or blender to do this. I have a Blendtec. It’s awesome! If you want to get one, you can find one HERE. You want to get the one that includes the twister jar, that is the blender jar that makes this recipe so incredibly easy to make. But don’t worry, if you don’t have a Blendtec, this recipe is still easy to make, you will just have to pause periodically to scrape the sides of the blender or food processor to make sure everything gets blended together.

Image-1 (9)

I buy shredded coconut in bulk

Get your 6 cups of shredded coconut. I blended mine in 3 stages. Add 2 cups shredded coconut to your blender or food processor and blend. Add 2 more cups and blend. Add the last 2 cups and blend together until smooth. It will be smooth but slightly crumbly when you go to scoop it out of your blender/processor.

All blended together

All blended together

Add in the 2 tbsp raw honey and blend again or mix well.

Preheat your oven to 375*

Scoop out one tbsp of coconut butter and place on a parchment or foil lined cookie sheet. Press gently down on the scoop of coconut butter to slightly flatten. These cookies will not rise. The shape you have them on the cookie sheet is the shape and size they will be once cooked. Do this for all the coconut butter you’ve made. It will make approximately 20 cookies. I made 22 cookies.


Bake for about 6 minutes. Seriously. Keep a close eye on them. As soon as you see a nice golden color, take them out of the oven.

Now don’t touch them! You have to let them cool completely or they will crumble.

While you’re waiting for them to cool, you can make the Raw Honey Chocolate Drizzle.

Instructions for Raw Honey Chocolate Drizzle:


Warm up 3 tbsp raw honey in a small pot on the stove over medium heat. Once it is soft, mix in 1 tbsp cocao. Mix well.

Hey… look at that… Done.

If you want to simply drizzle this over the cookies, this will be more than enough chocolate drizzle. HOWEVER, If you want to dunk them and coat them in this, you should double the Raw Honey Chocolate Drizzle recipe. When this cools, it becomes a caramel consistency thanks to the honey. These tea cookies are delicious completely covered in this honey chocolate amazingness.


So go ahead, drizzle or cover your tea cookies. I did this when the tea cookies were still slightly warm since it is so fast to throw together. Then place the cookies, on the cookie sheet, into the fridge to cool completely. This should only take a few minutes. Once cooled, you can carefully transfer the cookies to a plate to serve.

These tea cookies are a little on the dry side. But that’s ok because the flavor is top notch, especially when paired with your favorite cup of tea. Tea party time!


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I know this can’t only be my kids…..

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ok ok… I’m a little excited about this! And if you’ve tried these rollers for yourself, you know exactly why! They are amazing and work wonders!!!




NOW who’s ready for back to school?!?!

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